Matco Quarterly Newsletter – Q2 2017

Taking a look back at Q2 2017, volatility continues to remain in check, globally speaking. It might not entirely feel that way here in Canada and we’d like to discuss why. Click here to find out our full review of last quarter. The Matco Financial Team...

Matco Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2017

In past quarterly updates, a re-occurring theme was the heightened volatility caused by a laundry list of global and geo-political events. The first quarter of 2017 has, however, been off to a fairly solid start with global equity markets posting robust gains and volatility being kept...

Matco Quarterly Newsletter – Q4 2016

Throughout the year, we discussed on several occasions the concept of “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”. “Known unknowns” refer to events where the timing of the event is known but the outcome is unknown. Contrast this concept with the “unknown unknowns”, which are unexpected events that...


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