Service Standard


We believe it is important to communicate to our clients the performance of their portfolios and comment on the different factors driving the performance. We provide a number of internally prepared reports, monthly, quarterly and annually that include portfolio performance and other relevant information. At Matco, we are thorough in our due diligence process when assessing the investment objectives and risk parameters of our clients prior to implementing an investment solution. We are also committed to reviewing with you on a regular basis and updating our investment recommendation should your circumstances change.

  • Decision-makers – direct access to Portfolio Managers
  • Independent – not attached to particular products or providers
  • Entrepreneurial – alignment of interests and objectives
  • Experienced asset managers – background in Foundations and Not- For-Profit
  • Private client service orientation – understanding tax, accounting & legal issues
  • Monthly account reporting and quarterly investment performance reporting
  • Customized reporting and account administration

Our service standard for clients includes information sessions scheduled throughout the year. The objective of these sessions is to update our clients on the composition, performance and investment outlook for each of our Matco Funds. The format encourages an on-going and open dialogue with our clients. This ensures they are fully informed and are continuously gaining a stronger understanding of how Matco executes and implements our investment philosophy and process. We will draft an Investment Policy Statement for your consideration and signature. Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a “business plan” for your investments and guides daily portfolio management decisions made on your behalf. We will review with you annually considering any changes in your circumstances that might update your financial projections and our asset mix recommendation.


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