Jason Vincent, President & Chief Operating Officer, Matco Financial, joined Kevin Sampson, President, Equities Trading, TMX Group, to open the market to celebr

ate the posting of their initial suite of five mutual funds on the TSX NAVex platform: Matco Balanced Fund (MATBL); Matco Canadian Equity Fund (MATCE); Matco Small Cap Fund (MATSC); Matco Glob

al Equity Fund (MATGE); and Matco Fixed Income Fund (MATFI). Matco Financial is an independent, privately held discretionary investment counsellor & asset management firm that serves the needs of individual investors, planners, advisors, trusts, corporations, and notfor-profit organizations. MATBL; MATCE; MATSC; MATGE; and MATFI were posted for trading on TSX NAVex on February 5, 2018.