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A family office is your family business's chief advisor.

Households that have amassed significant wealth, typically encounter challenges in a broad range of areas that require unbiased advice and objectivity.

The experience we have gained over 25 years enables Matco to understand and address the dynamics and complexities involved in serving wealthy families. We have also built an extensive network of professionals to ensure our clients receive independent and unbiased advice for issues that are outside of our expertise.


Our family office plays an integral role in delivering and managing the following services: 

Strategy / Planning

Investment Management


Family Governance and Succession/Estate Planning

Develop Investment Strategy Relative to Family Objectives

Consolidated Reporting

Family Business Advisory

Asset Allocation

Reviews with other Advisors

Legal and Tax planning

Risk Management

Family Meetings

Consolidated Reporting

Manager Selection and Oversight

Set and Manage Family Objectives and Goals


Family Generational Education

Overall Risk Management

Examples of situations and challenges that will benefit from Matco's expertise:

Sale of a Family Business

Dealing with the challenges related to the transition from an active business operation. Some issues that might require attention include: liquidity, retirement planning, philanthropy, tax and estate planning.

Death or Demise of Patriarch

Managing major challenges as the builder of the family enterprise is no longer able to contribute. This loss creates a void that needs to be filled in the form of leadership, experience, and skill.

Complex Business Structure

Addressing the challenges of a potentially overwhelming environment of “Jack of all trades and master of none”. This situation requires prioritization of and assistance with many areas of the Family enterprise to ensure a high level of performance and operation.


Family Dynamics

We call this “family stuff”. Every family deals with this challenge in one form or another. This can be catastrophic for a family enterprise if not dealt with correctly.

Knowledge & Aptitude

Successful family businesses are often laser focused on their craft or area of expertise. This challenge often creates a need for expertise in other areas, such as diversification of investment management, tax, and estate planning.

Peace of Mind

Most families prefer to focus on things they enjoy, such as family travelling and philanthropy. The challenge to meet these goals is the need for professional management of the family enterprise.

Do you need a family office?

If your household net worth is greater than $10 million and you want to maximize your family enterprise, either currently or in the future, we should schedule a meeting to discuss. We will complete a complementary independent and unbiased analysis.

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