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Go beyond GICs and get the liquidity you want

Your condo reserve fund is the condo board's most valuable resource. We're here to help you manage it providing the board time to focus on more pressing matters and quick access to capital.

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What’s a condo reserve fund used for?

The primary function of a condo corporation’s reserve fund is to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of capital property, maximizing the utility of the reserve fund to optimize the return on investment of their monetary contributions.

Having your condo’s reserve fund managed by an investment manager can ensure that you are prepared for the future expenses you will face.

How Matco can help your condo corporation

Running a condo corporation can be complex, investing your reserve funds doesn’t need to be. Our specialized condo mandate will provide you the liquidity and flexibility of investments your condo owners need. As discretionary managers, we take on the responsibility of investment decisions from the condo board.

  • Take advantage of liquidity instead of having your reserve fund locked into GICs
  • Provide safety of capital through our custodian
  • Support your condo board by taking on the fiduciary duty of investing your reserve fund

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As a condo corporation, you are restricted to the permissible investments found in Schedule 2 of the Province of Alberta – Condominium Property Act. Our Condo Mandate makes sure your reserve fund meets the requirements.

“I have been a client of Matco Financial since their inception and have a high level of confidence in their people and systematic approach to investing. They are experienced, professional, and provide a very personalized approach to managing my portfolio.”

— Michael S. | Client since 2006

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