Matco's COVID-19 Safety Measures Update & Office Opening

Dear Clients,

Matco is pleased to announce that we are finally getting to use our new space!

As of July 14th, we are pleased to welcome clients to our new office located in Millennium Tower: Suite 350, 440 – 2nd Ave S.W.

We continue to take precautions regarding COVID-19. Specifically, we have put in place the following safety measures for staff and guests:

  1. ensure they have passed the Visitor Screening Questionnaire as put forth by Alberta Health Services before entering the office, see attached
  2. maintain distance between themselves and others of 2 meters (‘2M’). If this is not possible it is strongly encouraged to wear a mask, available in the office for those that require one.
  3. meeting rooms will be sanitized after every use

We understand and appreciate that many clients prefer to have Zoom or phone call meetings and those will continue. However, for clients that would like to meet at our office or elsewhere that option is now available.

To help support our frontline Healthcare workers, Matco Financial has recently donated to Calgary Health Trust’s Clean Hands, Giving Hearts COVID-19 Response Fund: Clean Hands, Giving Hearts.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact your Portfolio Manager or myself directly at (403) 294-0108 or

Stay Safe,


Manager, Client Services and Operations

Matco Staff & Visitor Screening Questionnaire