Fund Profiles

Each Matco mutual fund is managed by our in-house team of investment professionals through a repeatable, disciplined process of top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up security selection.

Fixed Income Fund

The Fund invests in Canadian investment grade debt, utilizing a portfolio construction process focused on duration, credit and curve. This multi-strategy approach is a consistent process designed to deliver the greatest risk adjusted returns.

Balanced Fund

The Fund’s investment mandate is to first protect, then grow capital on a risk-adjusted basis through a portfolio of fixed income and equity securities. The Fund is diversified across asset classes, geographies, sectors and utilizes a risk management framework focused on long-term growth and lower volatility.

Canadian Equity Class

The Fund invests in mid to large-cap companies with superior fundamentals and strong management teams focused on delivering sustainable long-term earnings growth and dividend growth.

Small Cap Class

The Fund focuses on long-term capital appreciation through investments in small to mid-cap companies that have strong balance sheets, are attractively priced and reinvests excess earnings.

Global Equity Class

The Fund follows a top down investment approach to construct a geographically diversified portfolio by allocating capital across global markets.

Cannabis Investment Fund (Offering Memorandum)

The Fund’s objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in securities of micro to large capitalization companies that are expected to benefit from the evolving global cannabis industry.