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MATCO PORTFOLIO Market Value MATCO MER % Fund Weighted (Series F)* Annual Fee CATEGORY AVERAGE MER % Fund Weighted (Series A)* Annual Fee Savings
Balanced Income
Balanced Growth
Total/Weighted Average

*Fees for each of the 5 Matco Portfolios are the weighted average of the Management Expense Ratio (MER) for each fund based on the percentage holding (at the neutral weight). Re-balancing the weightings of the Funds held in each portfolio can change the fees on a quarterly basis due to changes in the associated MER fees.

This fee comparison is based on purchasing Series F (Year ended Dec 31, 2017) directly through Matco versus the Morningstar Category Average Industry pricing of Series A purchased through a third-party broker (as at July 31, 2018, Morningstar Research Inc.). Series A pricing includes a commission/trailer that is paid to the broker and reflected in the above MER. Series F does not include such additional fees when purchased directly through Matco.

Management fees and operating expenses which include brokerage (trading expenses), legal, audit and accounting, registration and unitholder communications expenses among others are paid by both Series A and F. Complete expense and fee details are available in the Matco Funds’ Simplified Prospectus and Fund Facts documents, and upon request.