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Managing your Optimal Portfolio

As an investor with between $250,000 to $1,000,000 of investable assets that wants to experience professional investment management at a competitive cost.

Whether a young professional, small or growing family, if you’re still in the wealth accumulation phase this program may be ideal for you.

How Matco can help you achieve your goals

Matco’s Optimal Portfolio Program is designed for those with a busy lifestyle. Imagine having access to a professionally managed investment platform, an actively managed portfolio built specifically for your risk profile, quarterly video updates so that you can stay informed and direct access to your portfolio online.  You have time for all that life has to offer, personally, socially, for the adventures and travel that create a memorable lifetime; but you don’t have time to ensure when retirement comes you can continue down the same path.

Matco’s Optimal Portfolio Program is designed to do just that. Allowing you to be an informed and educated investor, without your life getting sidetracked with the financial nuances that can and will hold you back.

Live an optimal life, invest in an Optimal Portfolio.

What to expect

Becoming an Optimal Portfolio Program Investor:

  1. Introduction to Matco Optimal Portfolio Program
  2. Investor Discovery
  3. Account Opening
  4. Portfolio Implementation

As an Optimal Portfolio Program Investor:

  • Annual Outlook: Optimal Investor Presentation
  • One-on-One: Annual Investment Review
  • Mid-Year Update: Optimal Investor Presentation

“I have been a client of Matco Financial since their inception and have a high level of confidence in their people and  systematic approach to investing. They are experienced, professional, and provide a very personalized approach to managing my portfolio.”

— Michael S. | Client since 2006

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