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We serve a range of clients from individuals, families, and foundations to trusts and not for profit organizations – understanding their needs and providing them with exceptional investment solutions.

Our boutique investment firm has five service offerings: mutual funds, investment counselling, family office services, group RRSPs, and an investment program for condominium corporations.



Matco Market Insights

Assessing the Value of Advice

AUGUST 12 / TOM STACHIW, CIM, Portfolio Manager
"Worst 6 months in the US markets in 30 years" / "First time in decades both equity and bond markets are selling off"

Top Gun: Dog Fight Market

JUNE 10 / TREVOR GALON, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
The investment markets currently find themselves in a dog fight between two enemy aircrafts: inflation and rising interest rates. If one were to look beyond the horizon of stock market performance this year and focus on the pilot’s economic indicator instruments inside the cockpit, it would reveal a stark contrast.

Back to the Future Part IV

MAY 27 / ANIL TAHILIANI, MBA, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager
Like in the 1980s hit movie trilogy Back to the Future, investors have a huge sense of déjà vu. Inflation in Canada and the U.S. is back to 40-year highs, and as a result, central banks are quickly increasing interest rates as they worry about inflation getting entrenched. Central bankers wish they could jump into Doc’s DeLorean time machine and go back to early 2021 to slowly start raising rates rather than now being behind the curve. Meanwhile, governments wish they could use the DeLorean to go back and give out less money than they did during COVID.

Helping Ukraine

As the world watches the daily gut-wrenching bombardment of Ukraine and the loss of innocent lives for an unnecessary and unjust war, we are left asking what we can do? As Canadians, one of the ways we can support Ukrainians is through humanitarian aid. As millions of people seek refuge from the war, humanitarian aid demand will skyrocket. Various international aid organizations and European and North American governments are ramping up financial assistance for the expected demand.
The Canadian government has committed $125 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine so far. It includes $115 million for experienced humanitarian partners in Ukraine and up to $10 million to the Canadian Red Cross through a matching fund for its Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. Matco Financial is donating to the Canadian Red Cross. In addition, Matco will match any donations made by its employees.
For those interested in donating, here are some organizations to consider:
Canadian Red Cross Canadian-Ukraine Foundation
UNICEF Canada Doctors Without Borders

Matco Financial has recently made a donation to the Calgary Health Trust’s "Clean Hands, Giving Hearts" COVID-19 Response Fund to help support frontline Healthcare workers.


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Matco Market Insights