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Managing Your Wealth

Wealth plan diagram - Investment Strategy, Estate Planning, Tax PlanningAs an investor with $1 million or more, there is an increased complexity to managing your wealth. You want to ensure the right people are taking care of what you’ve worked hard to build.

Creating a wealth plan requires three components. You need an investment strategy that focuses on diversification, a tax plan that focuses on optimization, and an estate plan that’s foundational to establishing your legacy.

How Matco can help you achieve your goals

Many people plan for the future but most don’t execute. At Matco, we’re here to help you execute on your wealth plan beyond retirement.

  • We provide you with a plan for the future so you can enjoy retirement the way you want
  • We prepare you for your next big purchase, whether its a house, or your dream vacation
  • We coach you through the ups and downs of the markets, keeping you on track for the long term

Elderly couple with a financial advisorWhat to expect

We start by learning where your assets are, what your burn rate is, when you want to retire, and do you have enough money. Next, we tailor a plan based on what we’ve learned and where you are in life.

“I have been a client of Matco Financial since their inception and have a high level of confidence in their people and  systematic approach to investing. They are experienced, professional, and provide a very personalized approach to managing my portfolio.”

— Michael S. | Client since 2006

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