Our Story

There had to be a better way

Build an independent asset management firm with the quality, familiarity, and talent to address complex needs for the founders and their clients.

That’s what Ron Mathison, Bill Dickie and Jason Vincent believed when they came together in 2006 to manage their own assets and build an asset management firm.

Our Founders

The Founders understood that the industry was more focused on accumulating assets than delivering excellent investment management and personalized service at competitive fees.

They started with six high net worth families as their foundation in 2007, and continued to replicate that quality of service for new families, trusts, foundations and non-profits as interest and demand grew – giving these families and non-profits the same care and attention they gave themselves.

This legacy of excellence and high touch client service continues today with a passionate and dedicated team of experienced professionals following a strict investment process while keeping things clear and simple for clients.

Skin in the game

The expression ‘skin in the game’ originates with derby racing. Today, it is commonly attributed to Warren Buffett, referring to his initial investment of $100 in his own fund.

Our team members believe in investing in Matco funds – that’s why they’re also clients – their interests are naturally aligned with yours.

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