Lee-Ann Morrish

Manager Operations

587-441-1586 LinkedIn

  • Focus: Project Management & Human Resources

Lee-Ann is the firm’s human resources manager and manages the operations team. Her duties include billing, documenting, improving, and streamlining organizational processes, reporting, and database management.

Lee-Ann joined Matco in 2018 as an Operations Associate, having worked for over ten years in the financial industry and six years in supply chain management. Lee-Ann started her career with CIBC in 2003 as a senior supervisor. In 2013, she joined the Northwest Redwater Partnership as a contracts specialist responsible for vendor and supply management.

Lee-Ann is a strong believer in continuous improvement and is always seeking ways to reduce waste and find practical ways to improve business processes. She also has a passion for health and wellness and loves helping others make positive changes. Outside of work, you may find Lee-Ann enjoying the outdoors, practicing yoga or curled up with a good book.

Lee Ann Morrish
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